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Well, it has finally happened … China passed us

Well, it has finally happened …

China has officially passed the US as the world’s largest economy ( To be sure, China long ago passed the US on a number of economic fronts: household savings, exports, etc. I am curious to see how the new world leader will exercise – or not – its economic muscle. I am also curious to see whether the Chinese become arrogant like we used to be (and in some cases still are), and the Brits before us used to be. The US had held this title since the end of WWI (and before that the Brits held this title since the end of the Napoleonic Wars), but something tells me that the Chinese will hold on to this position for a FAR greater length of time.

On the home front, I am also interested to see how the US (as a nation and individually) will react as being number 1 is psychologically important to many/most Americans. Of course, if this news doesn’t show up on CNN, Fox News, or USA Today, then the vast majority of Americans will never know, unless someone tells them.

Hold on to your seats folks, the next few decades promise to be very turbulent and exciting times.

Question: Why the heck isn’t Chinese being taught in every single US school? If our children aren’t learning Chinese then they will be left behind.

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