10 Things you probably did not know about Bitcoin

1 .  Naming small amounts of Bitcoin The name for the smallest unit of bitcoin a satoshi and Bitcoin have been around since pretty much the beginning. However the names for the other denominations can be traced back to a couple posts on a little known Bitcoin forum, Bitcointalk.org. A member put out a 5btc […]

2 Year anniversary Celebration

Thanks to everyone who made it out! And a special thanks to Youbase.io who made it such a great event with their sponsorship! Don’t forget to check out both their website and their white paper.   http://youbase.io/   http://paper.youbase.io/content/  

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Last Night at Southern Hospitality Youbase.io

Look for the audio coming soon! Super excited for this month’s presentation at Southern Hospitality. A local code star, Josh Robinson is presenting on his most recent whitepaper Youbase. If you have not read it yet make sure to read the Abstract and Introduction (found below), just so you have the basics down. I understand […]

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Bitcoin Society Podcast – Paul Puey – Airbitz

 Episode 1 Denver Bitcoin Society Podcast. Episode 1 Denver Bitcoin Society Podcast. This was an awesome first interview with Paul Puey one of the founders of the IOS and Android Bitcoin Wallet, Airbitz. Coming from original silicon valley roots he has a great perspective on software development, and I was surprised by how much adversity […]