Monthly Bitcoin Meetup March

If you missed out this last week, we had an awesome presentation from Danno Ferrin. He explained some very technical aspects of reading the blockchain and broke it down so us normal people can understand as well. Using his software and technical analysis we were able to review the transactions from the recent Morgan Spurlock bitcoin Documentary. Pretty easy to see the real timeline and what order things were filmed in. But dont take it from me, listen in.



Also his analysis has recently been noted in the community.

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His intro from the other night.

Transactions in Context: Visualizing Bitcoin Transactions

Observing and examining bitcoin transactions can be confusing and frustrating when considered one at a time. But when observed in groups distinct transnational patterns emerge. In this session several bitcoin transactions will be visualized to demonstrate some of these patterns.

Danno Ferrin is a Software Engineer with experience that dates back to the twentieth century. In 2013 he discovered Bitcoin and has become fascinated with the enabling technology. Danno writes the “CryptoCrumb” block where he analyzes events and transactions on the bitcoin blockchain. In late March he will be releasing a public alpha of the tool he uses to write his blog, the Numisight Bitcoin Explorer.

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