Monday Bitcoin Meetup

photo_2015-04-15_14-06-09-cropWe had another great meetup this last week at Southern Hospitality. If you missed out this is a small recap of what we learned.

The article that sent me on this quest. Short story is almost 20k btc is stolen or hacked every month for a long time.





First, just because a Scammer is caught doesn’t mean he stops scamming. IE Josh G.


Second sometimes a scam is not a scam.

Third, using a system with “scam proof” protection, only matters if you actually use it.

And just because they offer doesn’t mean you can use it. Its seems they never cared to make it easy to use on evolution. They just wanted the marketing without having to actually give you control.

Lastly there maybe some media manipulation, (surprise, surprise) specifically with In order to combat this some people are getting together to help us sort the truth from the craziness of crowd sourced news.

The scams just go on and on but I don’t. So here are a couple more links if you want to continue.

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See you at the next meetup.

Ben Ullrich


Denver Bitcoin Center

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