Last weeks Monthly Digital Currency meetup – Burt Wagner “Arrested for selling Bitcoins”

Here is the recap from meetup. Look for the presentation audio coming up in the next week!


If you have been in the Denver Bitcoin community for more than just a couple months you will have probably heard of Burt Wagner (BurtW in Bitcoinland). He has been tangled up in what is certainly the most public of cases involving person to person bitcoin trading.


BurtW will talk about his experience of being investigated and tracked for 18 months, indicted by a grand jury, arrested, charged with a Federal felony, and thrown into solitary confinement all over simply trading Bitcoins on


He will also discuss the one year of legal negotiations that led to the charges finally being dropped and the return of most of the property seized in the raid on his home and corporate offices.


We expect the talk to lead into an extensive question and answer session and the discussion of the subjects:  Bitcoins,, law enforcement tactics, the law, licenses, civil asset forfeiture, the prison system, the justice system, homeland security, the patriot act, surveillance, etc.  All of which happened to him personally.




Meetup structure this week.

6-6:30 Arrival and Drinks

6:45 Presentation

Recommended Parking at

Discounted validation cards for this garage in the restaurant for paying guests.

Bitcoins accepted for all purchases of food and beverage along with tips.(Not converted into dollars instantly)

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