Ethereum meetup

Last week we saw the Ethereum meetup here at the Denver Bitcoin Center. As always the presentation was great, only made better with the flow of beer and whiskey, and one of the biggest turnouts we have seen for this meetup. On top of that we had some great surprise guests that don’t necessarily want to be published, but thanks for coming! Kent has built a great group and we look forward to hosting them in the future.

Checkout the link, or the full meetup post below.

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Augur: The Decentralized Predication Market

Hello everyone –

We have an exciting guest lined up for this month’s meetup.

Joey Krug is the Core Developer at Augur – one of the most exciting projects currently in development within the Ethereum ecosystem. Augur is a decentralized predication market that seeks to leverage the wisdom of the crowd, giving users the power to buy and sell shares in the outcome of the event. If you remember InTrade, the centralized predication market that shut down several years ago, you’re in the right ballpark. The key difference here is that Augur will exist on the blockchain, leveraging Ethereum’s unique capabilities and taking advantage of everything decentralization has to offer.

Augur’s innovations have received a lot of attention; the project even been selected as a finalist in the Singularity University and CNBC XCS Challenge. Joey will be joining us remotely from the Bay Area, discussing the latest and greatest about Augur, as well as answering your questions.


7:00-7:30: Grab a beer and settle in.
7:30-8:00: Intros and a brief discussion on Ethereum mining
8:00-8:45 (ish): Joey from Augur
8:45-whenever: Hang out and talk crypto

See you there!


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