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Day 2 Road to Bitcoin Bowl Flyte

Day 2

It was an overcast and cool evening when Bitcoiners John Bautista & Jonathan Giger felt the need for an excellent meal. All the bitcoiners we spoke too raved about just one place in Nashville, Flyte World Dining and Wine.


Owner & General Manager, Scott Atkinson introduced the two Jons to some of the best local cuisine; starting with extremely tasty Brussel Sprouts made with creme fraiche …
John & Jon indicated that they would have to write a book to try to describe the exquisite experience of their entire meal. For the main course, John had the Waygu Coulotte while Jonny devoured his Rocky Mountain Elk.


All in all great food, amazing wine, and very Bitcoin friendly!
718 Division St. Nashville, TN.
615 – 255 – 6200

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