10 Things you probably did not know about Bitcoin

1 .  Naming small amounts of Bitcoin The name for the smallest unit of bitcoin a satoshi and Bitcoin have been around since pretty much the beginning. However the names for the other denominations can be traced back to a couple posts on a little known Bitcoin forum, Bitcointalk.org. A member put out a 5btc […]

Bitcoin Society Podcast – Paul Puey – Airbitz

 Episode 1 Denver Bitcoin Society Podcast. Episode 1 Denver Bitcoin Society Podcast. This was an awesome first interview with Paul Puey one of the founders of the IOS and Android Bitcoin Wallet, Airbitz. Coming from original silicon valley roots he has a great perspective on software development, and I was surprised by how much adversity […]

YouBase whitepaper released

We’re excited to announce that DBC member Josh Robinson and his associate, Leonard Kish, have released the initial whitepaper for YouBase, an individual-centric cryptographic peer-to-peer data store! Just as bitcoin is revolutionizing the financial industry by decentralizing money, YouBase promises to revolutionize the data industry by putting data back into the hands of individuals.  Companies like Google, […]

Josh Garza at it again (scam)

In case you have not heard, do NOT get involved with Crypto Private Investor Group.   I love this quote from the about page “Members of the CPIG continue to stand with the company’s founder, Josh Garza, yet serve as an independent entity and collaborative born of advocates of the cryptocurrency community.”   a reddit post […]

How Anonymous is bitcoin?

It seems like every week I hear someone new say “Oh I thought Bitcoin is anonymous.” My answer, “Bitcoin asks for no information, people do.” But if you would like the full answer, this guy has done some research. It even still holds up 4 months later! http://coincenter.org/2015/01/anonymous-bitcoin/

Were in the world is Bitcoin? (Legally)

@andrewxhill created an awesome map to show what we know of the current legality of bitcoin around the world. Check it out bellow. https://team.cartodb.com/u/andrew/viz/365aa620-c273-11e4-bac7-0e018d66dc29/embed_map Dont forget to take a look at his other work, some cool maps out there.   https://twitter.com/andrewxhill