Monthly Bitcoin Meetup March

If you missed out this last week, we had an awesome presentation from Danno Ferrin. He explained some very technical aspects of reading the blockchain and broke it down so us normal people can understand as well. Using his software and technical analysis we were able to review the transactions from the recent Morgan Spurlock […]

amagi metals bitcoin black friday bitpay

Amagi Record During Bitcoin Black Friday

Bitpay just released statistics from this year’s Bitcoin Black Friday. While the day in its entirety saw an 11% decline, there were many victories to highlight. First and foremost, the amount of merchants that participated this year, through BitPay, increased 82%!  It meant more competition to be seen as a vendor, but also emphasized the […]

Australia Bitcoin Embassy

2 Bitcoin Embassies Opens in Australia!!!

On November, 22 (this year) our friends down in Australia have launched not one but TWO Bitcoin embassies in Melbourne and Perth. At each of the launches they had guest speakers such as Andreas Antonopoulos and a performance from singer/song writer “Tatiana Coin”. “We have already undertaken seveal free ‘BITCOIN 101’ workshops for members of the […]

sovereign living John Bush and Catherine Bleish

Dinner With John Bush and Catherine Bleish!

We are having a “Bitcoin” dinner tonight for John Bush and Catherine Bleish. If you dont know they are liberty activists, and also husband and wife. They are the reality stars of the series Sovereign Living, which is a reality based television program following the Blush Family in their quest to become self-sufficient and lead […]

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Ethereum Meetup

Ben and I attended the Ethereum meetup earlier this evening. Was a great group of people (around 10) held at Sidewinder Bar. Many topics were discussed, with the word decentralized/decentralization used at least once a sentence for hours. Kent had a brief presentation, the most personally notable part of which was how to monetize open […]