(DBC) We’re officially a nonprofit organization!

We’re officially a nonprofit organization! On Thursday, we received word that our application for 501(c)(3) status has been approved! That means that moving forward, our tax burden will be much lighter, and donations to the Denver Bitcoin Center can be tax-deductible. So if you’ve been itching to make a donation, now’s your chance! Chad MacDonald, our […]

Bonacquisti Wine

Spending Bitcoin @ Bonacquisti Wine Denver

Spending Bitcoin @ Bonacquisti Wine. Didn’t really know what he was doing since he has not been “trained” on it. As he soon found out its pretty hard to make a mistake with the Bitpay app once its setup. 20$ a growler. Refills only 15$. Great place for wine. Awesome people. Though I have not had the […]

Monday Bitcoin Meetup

We had another great meetup this last week at Southern Hospitality. If you missed out this is a small recap of what we learned. The article that sent me on this quest. Short story is almost 20k btc is stolen or hacked every month for a long time. reddit…18500_btc_are_stolen_each_month       First, just because […]