Monday Bitcoin Meetup

We had another great meetup this last week at Southern Hospitality. If you missed out this is a small recap of what we learned. The article that sent me on this quest. Short story is almost 20k btc is stolen or hacked every month for a long time. reddit…18500_btc_are_stolen_each_month       First, just because […]

Denver Bitcoin Center 747 Sheridan 720-441-3388

Join the Denver Bitcoin email group

Mike and I want to introduce a Google email group. We hope to use this group to have educated conversations on bitcoin related things. Specifically those related to our area. I started the conversation by posting this question first. There is only a couple places in Denver that accept bitcoin. As an individual would it […]

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Add” Denver Bitcoin Center” on Skype, and ask to be added to the Denver Bitcoin Group. Also feel free to call the DBC and see who answers.   We also communicate via telegram but you have to be added by someone already in the group. So just ask around at the meetup.

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Monthly Bitcoin Meetup March

If you missed out this last week, we had an awesome presentation from Danno Ferrin. He explained some very technical aspects of reading the blockchain and broke it down so us normal people can understand as well. Using his software and technical analysis we were able to review the transactions from the recent Morgan Spurlock […]

Were in the world is Bitcoin? (Legally)

@andrewxhill created an awesome map to show what we know of the current legality of bitcoin around the world. Check it out bellow. Dont forget to take a look at his other work, some cool maps out there.  


Ziftr Coin with our own Phil Maher & Robert Wilkins

Check out the interview Ziftr is an Internet commerce and payment system designed to bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream by making it highly accessible and easily adoptable for consumers and retailers. Ziftr is currently having a pre-sale of their ZiftrCOIN digital altcoins. Today they reported that more than 3,735,435 ziftrCOINS have already sold, valued at […]

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