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Amagi Record During Bitcoin Black Friday

Bitpay just released statistics from this year’s Bitcoin Black Friday. While the day in its entirety saw an 11% decline, there were many victories to highlight. First and foremost, the amount of merchants that participated this year, through BitPay, increased 82%!  It meant more competition to be seen as a vendor, but also emphasized the increased interest and overall adoption of Bitcoin.

Amagi Metals hit a record in transactions on Bitcoin Black Friday and was mentioned as one of the top performing store fronts through BitPay. CEO, Stephen Macaskill, commented:

“It was incredible to see us outperform competitors on Bitcoin Black Friday, and while it wasn’t quite as exciting as last year, Amagi Metals is still a trusted source to buy gold with Bitcoin. We really have our loyal customers and the Bitcoin community to thank for that.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you Bitcoin community!!!!

Although Bitcoin Black Friday deals have expired, be sure to keep an eye out on what Amagi has in store for the rest of 2014. Word on the streets is there is free silver involved!

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