Josh Garza at it again (scam)

In case you have not heard, do NOT get involved with Crypto Private Investor Group.   I love this quote from the about page “Members of the CPIG continue to stand with the company’s founder, Josh Garza, yet serve as an independent entity and collaborative born of advocates of the cryptocurrency community.”   a reddit post […]

How Anonymous is bitcoin?

It seems like every week I hear someone new say “Oh I thought Bitcoin is anonymous.” My answer, “Bitcoin asks for no information, people do.” But if you would like the full answer, this guy has done some research. It even still holds up 4 months later!


Airbitz – Paul Puey – Keeping Bitcoin Decentralized Presented at the DBC

Founder and CEO of Airbitz, Paul Puey gave a presentation at the Denver Bitcoin Center. One of my new favorite’s. He directly lays out what it really means to be decentralized. Watch the recording to learn more. Welcome to come join us in Colorado any time Paul!   Thanks to WarrenTech for the video […]

Monday Bitcoin Meetup

We had another great meetup this last week at Southern Hospitality. If you missed out this is a small recap of what we learned. The article that sent me on this quest. Short story is almost 20k btc is stolen or hacked every month for a long time. reddit…18500_btc_are_stolen_each_month       First, just because […]

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Join the Denver Bitcoin email group

Mike and I want to introduce a Google email group. We hope to use this group to have educated conversations on bitcoin related things. Specifically those related to our area. I started the conversation by posting this question first. There is only a couple places in Denver that accept bitcoin. As an individual would it […]

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