Road to Bitcoin Bowl Day 4 Bitcoins and Haircuts

Gino’s – One of the Best barber shops in Atlanta, GA now accepts Bitcoin. Jonny Giger, DBC Intern, is about to get a haircut at this 4 year old establishment. Publix Shopping Ctr. 1100 Hammond Drive Suite 430-B Atlanta, GA 30328 Short tour around bitpay! BitPay Headquarters3432 Piedmont Road Northeast, Atlanta, Georgia, 30305 […]

Flyte Wine list Bitcoin Accepted bitcoin bowl

Day 2 Road to Bitcoin Bowl Flyte

Day 2 It was an overcast and cool evening when Bitcoiners John Bautista & Jonathan Giger felt the need for an excellent meal. All the bitcoiners we spoke too raved about just one place in Nashville, Flyte World Dining and Wine.   Owner & General Manager, Scott Atkinson introduced the two Jons to some of […]


Lock from Coinapult gets even better.

Exciting news from Coinapult, the panama company recently reduced their fee’s further, now customers pay just 1.5% to Lock with Coinapult. If you have not looked into this service it is the one of best ways to protect your self from the volatility of Bitcoin without leaving the system or loosing the benefits. This way […]

Bitcoin ATMs

Road to the Bitcoin Bowl

With 1900 miles and just over 24 hours travel time, the path to the Bitcoin Bowl is long but easily done. Over the next 4 days, two fearless members of the Denver Bitcoin Center are making the trip in a beat up truck, to make sure that Bitcoin users at the Bowl will have the […]

amagi metals bitcoin black friday bitpay

Amagi Record During Bitcoin Black Friday

Bitpay just released statistics from this year’s Bitcoin Black Friday. While the day in its entirety saw an 11% decline, there were many victories to highlight. First and foremost, the amount of merchants that participated this year, through BitPay, increased 82%!  It meant more competition to be seen as a vendor, but also emphasized the […]

Microsoft Now Accepts #Bitcoin

Last night, Microsoft made a Huge announcement. They are now accepting Bitcoin for their online stores. That means you can buy XBox credit, Apps, and media. With that, Microsoft is now the largest company in the world that accepts Bitcoin. See their blog for their official announcement.

Denver Bitcoin center China vs USA Panda vs Eagal

Well, it has finally happened … China passed us

Well, it has finally happened … China has officially passed the US as the world’s largest economy ( To be sure, China long ago passed the US on a number of economic fronts: household savings, exports, etc. I am curious to see how the new world leader will exercise – or not – its economic […]

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Awesome new update by users have been posting a bunch of hacked wallet notices to reddit recently. Not to long after it was identified that it was not blockchains service, but a common misunderstanding about the TOR network. Even still they have released an awesome new update to help users better protect themselves, including forcing ssl and 2 […]

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Australia Bitcoin Embassy

2 Bitcoin Embassies Opens in Australia!!!

On November, 22 (this year) our friends down in Australia have launched not one but TWO Bitcoin embassies in Melbourne and Perth. At each of the launches they had guest speakers such as Andreas Antonopoulos and a performance from singer/song writer “Tatiana Coin”. “We have already undertaken seveal free ‘BITCOIN 101’ workshops for members of the […]