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There are too many in the bitcoin and blockchain space are working alone on projects; One of the greatest realizations of potential through Bitcoin is the community of diverse peoples from all over the world being brought together by a nonjudgmental, race and color blind, politically and religiously neutral currency. The Denver Bitcoin Center aims to be a small part of this beautiful community – by providing a community where great minds can come together to achieve far more than any single person could perceive alone.

Meeting Space

Denver Bitcoin Center provides free of charge space for a variety of technology, finance, and cryptocurrency/bitcoin related groups. *** Please note that we are currently homeless an seeking a new space to use for the center. Contact us if you can help ***


The Denver Bitcoin Center provides a place for any cryptocurrency related businesses in the Denver area to utilize. We have some businesses who even call DBC their headquarters.  Having a business presence at the bitcoin center is more than just a desk or office space, its  the ability to be apart of the community.


Denver Bitcoin Center also provides educational services to the general public in order to educate and increase adoption of bitcoin. We offer seminars for new users (showing how to purchase and store bitcoins), for  businesses who would like to accept bitcoin at their storefront or internet storefront, as well as  more specific classes  on things like bitcoin security or development.